How to host a Jellyfish session

Type the following command into slack and press <enter>The following dialog will appear. configuration options are:

Session Name: Give it something descriptive, here's some examples

  • "Friday All-Hands"
  • "I've just joined at the VP of Marketing, Ask Me Anything"
  • "Monthly Sales Review Meeting"
  • "Next Quarter Product RoadMap"
  • "Monthly Engineering Sync"

Host in Channel: The channel that will host the Jellyfish sessions and where all questions will be posted.

Anonymous Questions: Defaults to Yes, and allows questions to be asked either anonymously, using a pseudonym or by using their real name. Change to No to disable this and require all questions to be attributed to the person who asked.

Moderate Questions: Defaults to Yes, and posts questions directly into the channel, select No to require all questions to be approved by you before being posted to the channel. To approve questions, click on the session name in slack and you'll be directed to the Jellyfish dashboard where you can approve or deny all questions asked.

Description: Add some ground rules, or just further clarify what the session is about.

Here's what a Jellyfish session will look like in Slack, with an example question. Clicking on the session name, in this example "Friday All Hands!" will take you to the Jellyfish dashboard where you can see all questions, change the close date, solicit questions by pinging the channel and approve questions (if set).

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